Site Specific Browser


Site Specific Browser 4 Mac  v.1.2.3

Turn any web site into a Mac App or Windows Program.

Site Specific Browser 4 PC  v.1.2.3

Turn any web site into a Mac App or Windows Program.


SISSI: Simulating Sequence Evolution with Site-Specific Interactions  v.1.0

Simulating Sequence Evolution with Site-Specific Interactions. SISSI is a utility tool to generate data of related sequences along a given phylogeny, taking into account user defined system of neighbourhoods and instantaneous rate matrices.

Gabtastik  v.0.4.2

Gabtastik is WebKit based Site Specific Browser (SSB) for web chat services such as Facebook Chat, Google Talk and meebo.

Mailplane  v.2.0.1

Acting as a site specific web browser for Google's Gmail, Mailplane is a full fledged Mail client for the Desktop.

CounterMail 50409-1418  v.1.0

Not all web hosts allow server side includes, and many do not provide statistical information about your visitors. You'd like to know who is visiting your page, what route they're taking through your site, what browser they are using,

MozNet  v.

MozNet has full support for downloading files, printing pages, spell check, Javascript injection (with return values), JS C#/VB communication, popup window detection and blocking, find and highlight text, support for site-specific style sh

Web Site Express  v.

Web Site Express is one of those essential tools you'll find yourself using over and over throughout your day. As it sits quietly in your system tray, you are just a couple keystrokes away from jumping to any web site with your favorite browser.

Fast Windows Hider

Fast Windows Hider allows you quickly to hide and unhide any windows, programs or group of them by pressing single hotkey or mouse click. This program is very useful for protection your privacy and help to keep your work, play or private information from

BrowserTraySwitch  v.2. 5. 2001

BrowserTraySwitch is a super tiny little system tray utility (only 90k) to help you quickly change your default browser. Just right-click to change your default browser - after that all launched files and urls will open in the selected browser.

EndTask Free  v.

The Free edition of the EndTask family is a unique pop-up blocker. Not long after you start browsing the internet, the term 'pop-up' defines itself. You?re at a website and another window pops up out of nowhere.

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